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    Feedbeet Harvest

Feedbeet Harvest

Feedbeet is harvested in the Northern Hemisphere from September to December. The timing of harvest is key for dry matter yield and practical convenience.

The longer the beet stays in the ground the more dry matter that is produced. On the other side stands practices for the machine harvest. Harvesting feedbeet involves considerations on harvesting equipment and also the question of leaf harvest or not.​

Harvest Equipment

Selfpropelled harvester

The tractor pulled beet harvesters have, to a great extend, been replaced with self propelled sugarbeet harvesters. These harvesters have predominantly a 6-row harvesting unit. Through cleaning rollers the beets are seperated from the adhering soil.

The cost of these harvesters is generally high, therefore beet growers often prefer to have the beet lifted by a contractor. The cost of beet lifting varies from region to region, in a range between 250 and 300 € per hectare.

Tractor pulled harvester

A tractor pulled beet harvesters were common in most beet growing areas some years back. They are generally in the lower end in terms of required investment.

As a new beet grower such machines are readily available in most sugarbeet growing areas. And since they are often not in use it should be easy to purchase a second hand machine at low costs. A machine which easily can lift up to 100 ha or more per season.​

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