Petra Lemmerz’ exhibition "Floating Substances" opens at KWS Biotechnikum

Einbeck, 29.04.2022

The undisputed protagonists in the works of artist Petra Lemmerz, which are on display at the KWS Biotechnikum under the title "Schwebende Substanzen" (Floating Substances), are colors. Some of the 16 large-format paintings literally float in the research building with all its glass walls. Her series of paintings are abstract - no depiction of objects or landscapes, simply painting as painting. Petra Lemmerz uses her whole body when painting, she rarely paints only with her hands. The canvas often lies on the floor, and she pours the paint, especially in more recent works. In doing so, Lemmerz directs the flow of paint by gently raising and lowering the canvas. "Her painting is more like dancing, which could not be more meaningful: Subject and object, the painter and her painting merge in a symbiotic way," says art historian Michael Stoeber about "Floating Substances" at KWS Biotechnikum.

 Picture of the Opening of the Exhibition of Petra Lemmerz with the artist herself, Michael Stoeber, art historian, and Eva Kienle standing in the Biotechnikum in Einbeck

From left: Petra Lemmerz, artist, Michael Stoeber, art historian, and Eva Kienle, member of KWS' Executive Board, during the opening of the exhibition "Floating Substances" at KWS’ Biotechnikum | <br> Image author: Julia Lormis Image use: Use permitted with source reference for editorial articles about KWS. Commercial distribution to third parties is not permitted.

"Petra Lemmerz shows a sea of colors, the large canvases with strong colors put us in a cheerful mood," said KWS Executive Board member Eva Kienle, who was particularly pleased to be able to welcome visitors to a vernissage at the Biotechnikum again after two years with only limited possibilities. Kienle thanked the artist for sharing her passion for color and imagination with viewers through her art.

The series of works that Petra Lemmerz presents at KWS' Biotechnikum follow a painting language that is known in art as abstract expressionism. At the opening of the exhibition, art historian Michael Stoeber (Hanover) explained what this means, and, above all, what exciting stories inspired the artist to create each individual series.

In abstract expressionism, he said, emotion and spontaneity were more important than reason and regimentation. Such painting was highly individualistic and self-determined, which also corresponded to the life credo of Petra Lemmerz, said Michael Stoeber. "When she paints, she sees and experiences the world in a deeper way, oblivious to herself. For her, painting seems to be a ritual in which she copes in joyful passion with the hard school of life, without losing her love for life," the art historian explained. “That is the equally compelling and irresistible narrative of her art."

Petra Lemmerz had always painted abstractly, he said. Her paintings, which could be interpreted as a whole series as well as individual works, had an anarchic temperament that released emotions. Everyone could try to describe the colors and forms for themselves, said Stoeber, which wasn't difficult "because Lemmerz' images have the power to summon other images." The works spoke to viewers with openness and invited them to make sense of them, the art historian said.

Petra Lemmerz, born in Karlsruhe in 1957, studied philosophy, literature, and ethnology at the University of Tübingen, followed by art history, architectural history, and literary history at the University of Karlsruhe after periods abroad in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand. This was followed by studies in art education, literary studies, and religious studies at the Gesamthochschule Kassel from 1983 to 1988. From 1986 to 1988 she also studied free painting at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart (Prof. Sonderborg, Prof. E. Mansen). From 1991 to 1994 Petra Lemmerz led the nude drawing class at the free art school Schwäbisch Hall, from 2000 to 2002 she had a teaching position for painting at the University of Applied Sciences for Design Pforzheim. 20 years ago she moved from Stuttgart to Düsseldorf and now lives there and in Italy (Castelnuovo d`Elsa).

Petra Lemmerz opened her first exhibition in Stuttgart in 1987. Since then, she has exhibited annually in various galleries in Germany and Italy. She has also been represented with her works in numerous group exhibitions.

A catalog of the works shown at KWS has been published to accompany the exhibition "Floating Substances." There will be guided tours of the exhibition in May and July.

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