Dr. Felix Büchting

With effect as of January 2023, Dr. Felix Büchting (born 1974) is Spokesperson of the Executive Board. He studied agrobiology at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim and agricultural sciences and molecular biology at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, where he gained his doctorate in plant breeding.



With effect as of January 2023, Dr. Felix Büchting is Spokesperson of the Executive Board. He is responsible for Research, Breeding, Global Human Resources, Farming, Group Strategy, Corporate Office & Services.


He is appointed to KWS’ Executive Board.


He returns to the KWS Group, where he joins the Business Unit Cereals, initially as Regional Director and later as head of KWS’ cereals activities.


He moves to Symrise AG, first to Product Management and then to Supply Chain Management. He takes charge of the sourcing strategy for agricultural raw materials used in producing aromas (including vanilla, onions and cocoa).


He returns to Germany and collaborates in domestic research programs focusing on plant sciences and bioeconomics in Berlin and Jülich.


After gaining his doctorate, he begins his professional career as a trainee at the KWS Group’s Corn Segment in France, with stints in seed production and sales and marketing.

Digging deeper: Dr. Felix Büchting about …

… the importance of family

“Every company is shaped by its people. Family businesses are also defined by the values of the families who own them. Those values at our company are modesty, transparency and fairness. Safeguarding KWS’ independence and practicing our family values are and will remain the goals that guide our company. I’m delighted that, as a member of the Büchting family and part of the seventh generation, I can underscore on the Executive Board the character of our company as a family-run business and actively help shape the business of our KWS.”

… KWS’ long-term success

“The foundation for KWS’ future is created by many colleagues. We want to encourage their passion and commitment by offering them personal development opportunities and enabling them to assume responsibility. One of our top priorities is to win the right people for KWS, give them the room they need to develop their abilities, respect them, and keep them with the company. That is the way to ensure KWS’ long-term success.”

… KWS as an employer and its social commitment

“We need highly qualified experts and managers to keep growing. That’s why KWS must become better known as an attractive employer and win motivated employees internationally. At the same time, we’ll continue our intensive efforts to enhance the skills and abilities of our employees in Germany and abroad. Apart from their professional development, the health of our colleagues and their social commitment are also close to our heart. We’re delighted that many KWS employees invest their time and energy in supporting refugees or the socially disadvantaged, for example, as well as in cultural, educational and training initiatives.”

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