Dr. Peter Hofmann

Dr. Peter Hofmann (born in 1960) joined the KWS Group in Einbeck in 1994. Dr. Hofmann studied agronomy and phytomedicine at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim and gained his doctorate in the field of seed physiology.

Independence is a value that unites us with farmers. We see ourselves as their partners; we pay attention to their knowledge and their experience.
Dr. Peter Hofmann, Board member of KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA



Dr. Peter Hofmann is appointed to KWS’ Executive Board. He is responsible for Sugarbeet, Vegetables, Cereals, Oilseed Rape/Special Crops & Organic Seeds, and Global Marketing & Comunications.


He takes over management of the Sugarbeet Segment.


He moves to the KWS Group. He is Head of Sales for sugarbeet in Northern Europe, North America and Asia until 2004. He then takes charge of sales as a whole.


He begins his career at F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland, in Business Development at the “Vitamins and Fine Chemicals” business unit.

In demand: Dr. Peter Hofmann on...

… KWS’ success

“It all started with sugarbeet, and KWS has grown with it. KWS was the world leader in breeding sugarbeet seed as early as the beginning of the 20th century. After 1945, it was again sugarbeet that enabled KWS to quickly resume its success story. Although we have significantly expanded our range of crops in recent decades, sugarbeet is still an important pillar in KWS’ portfolio. Thanks to decades of hard and meticulous work, KWS has produced many innovations in this segment. We’re proud of that. The vision to expand the portfolio has always been part of the KWS mindset. One key milestone was entering the field of corn breeding in the 1950s. Our staying power has made the Corn Segment our most important revenue driver today.”

...the importance of the KWS brand

“The benefit of our brand lies in gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers. That is created through performance and custom. Before people trust products or services, they need to appreciate their benefits and become accustomed to them. Our range of services, the color orange and an attractive brand image are critical factors in that. But only if we cultivate a consistent presence and image globally over a long period of time can we create a high degree of recognition. That’s essential so that farmers keep KWS in mind when deciding on their varieties – and make us their first choice.”

... farmers and the new independence initiative

“We share a special characteristic with farmers: independence. It’s an invaluable asset. Because we’re close to farmers, we know the challenges they face as independent entrepreneurs. We aim to show this understanding and respect for their situation and everyday work as part of our international initiative. For more than 160 years, we have worked with them as an independent, reliable partner, and we will continue to do so beyond the current consolidation phase.”

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