Nicolás Wielandt

Nicolás Wielandt (born 1980) joined KWS in 2006. Mr. Wielandt studied agricultural science at the Pontificia University Católica, Santiago, Chile.



Nicolás Wielandt is responsible for Corn Europe, Corn South America, Corn North America, Corn China/ Asia.


He is appointed to KWS’ Executive Board.


He takes over management of the Corn Segment.


He moves to the KWS Group. He is Head of Finance and Administration in Chile. He then takes charge of different regions across the globe and becomes Head of the Business Unit Sugarbeet.


He starts his career at PIGA SEEDS, Chile, as a sales manager for corn and sunflower seeds.

In demand: Nicolás Wielandt on…

... the diversity of global agriculture

“In each region, farmers try to optimize the way they operate and use their land to supply the growing demand for food and at the same time run a profitable business. From small farms to large cooperatives, to serve farmers best it is important to have a good understanding of their challenges and specific needs as they master their crop rotation. Closeness to farmers is one of KWS' core values. Customers can rely on KWS providing them with high-performance products and tailored services for successful, sustainable agriculture.”

... the challenges of modern agriculture

“Today, the challenge is not only about securing or increasing yields to supply a growing world population with food. It also has to do with the protection of natural resources and the fulfillment of higher standards of sustainability driven by consumers, regulations and farmers themselves that want to secure that future generations can benefit from the land just as we do today. With plant breeding innovation, KWS will keep contributing to that: providing stable varieties even under changing climate conditions, hybrids that need less input from fertilizers and include special traits that replace or help to reduce the amount of crop protection products. Digital solutions will enable our customers to work even more precisely and use the available arable land more efficiently, improving traceability and sustainably at the same time. For many farmers today having a profitable business is a significant challenge, partially driven by a long supply chain with many players.”

... KWS' internationality

“KWS has managed to develop from a small spin-off of the sugar industry in 1856 focused on one crop into a globally positioned company covering multiple key crops of the rotation. The company's values - closeness, foresight, independence, reliability - and the constantly preserved deep understanding of agriculture have contributed to this. Our openness to new ideas applies not only to the markets and customers we supply worldwide. It is also the many colleagues from a broad range of countries who give KWS its internationality and diversity. This is today even more important as we compete to attract talent, we need to further develop international career opportunities and prepare our infrastructure and mindset to receive colleagues from around the world.”

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