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Plant with a Future!

Sorghum is a relatively new crop at KWS. Since the beginning of the biogas boom in Germany, however, the agricultural practice has been looking for more high-yield crops for substrate production. Here sorghum, as a drought-resistant plant that grows in clumps, came into the focus of research and practice.

After very promising initial variety screenings KWS launched a breeding program for energy production of sorghum in 2007.

Since 2013 KWS has been breeding sorghum also for grain production with the targets of high yielding, high disease tolerance and early to mid early maturity. The main focus are regions of South Europe, South East Europe and East Europe, where also the biggest growing areas of grain sorghum are.

Grain sorghum is used in Europe mainly for animal feeding. In other corners of the world sorghum is known for its versatility – human nutrition, producing of syrups, ethanol, silage or hay for feeding.

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