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The worlds most cultivated crop

Our wide breeding programs cover the temperate zones in Europe, North America, South America and East Asia. These programs focuse on grain corn, silage corn or corn for the ethanol and methane production.

Together with classical breeding goals such as increased yield and disease tolerance, our varieties also adapt to the requests of the changing climatic conditions with drought tolerant varieties.

Our seed production follows the highest standards and guarantees the best seed quality for our customers.

Apart from corn seeds, the organizational division Corn also breeds, produces and sells sunflower, sorghum and catch crops.

Detailed information about the country specific products and local consultants can be found on the separate country pages, which you find in the table below.

Find the right corn seed for your country

Click on your country to get redirected to the countries website. In each country we sell different varieties which are adjusted to match the climate conditions and market needs.

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