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Here you can find all digital exhibitions of our art at KWS. Feel free to browse through some of our past exhibitions and discover exciting works, interactive videos and additional material by our artists and curators.

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Art in the BiT: Exhibitions


Michael Burges – Matter, Energy and Space

In his abstract works, Michael Burges explores the multifaceted interaction of colors, space and energy. Using a variety of painterly instruments such as squeegees, brushes or spatulas, he squeezes, blurs and layers colors and creates pictorial objects with a processual character and an element of surprise.The exhibited Reverse Glass Paintings and Virtual Space Works show colorful, dynamic patterns behind acrylic glass panels with a special materiality. They invite you to experience the principle of emergence and immerse yourself in the ambivalence of distant aura and great sensuality.


Thinking in cycles is key – Sinaida Michalskaja

The artist's photography and video works deal with the experiences of alienation, rapprochement, and the opening up of new spaces for seeing and thinking – Thinking in circles is the key.


beziehungsweise n – Rolf Behme

In his works, the artist Rolf Behme explores relationships between people, objects and situations in painting, photography and sculpture. His art is created from impressions gained while traveling.


Frank Stefan Kimmel: PERFORMANCE

The exhibition by photographer Frank Stefan Kimmel, which opened at KWS Biotechnikum under the title "Auftritt," tells of life with and on the stage. With his photographs and accompanying interview texts, he introduces 25 actors and musicians such as Iris Berben, Götz Alsmann, Romy Haag, Ulrich Matthes and Martin Lindow.


Petra Lemmerz: Floating Substances

Ever since she set out on her artistic career, this painter from Düsseldorf has known but a single goal – painting as painting, nothing but painting. No depiction, no representation, no content. Her paintings are abstract and flow along governed by the laws of the act of painting, in both form and method – moulded by processes, developments, courses run.


Degenhard Andrulat: Gegenhochdoppel

Degenhard Andrulat demonstrates that it [the painting] is by no means dead, but in times of restricted movement has the ability to dissolve and expand our own boundaries and horizons, at least for the moment of contemplation.


Fabian Lehnert:
hortus ortus

The Bremen Town Musicians, published in 1819 by the Brothers Grimm in their first volume of Children's and Household Tales, is one of those fairy tales whose metaphorical meaning can still be projected particularly well onto our capitalist system and our neoliberal understanding of work today.


KWS & team:
Art meets Science

For us, Art meets Science started for real in spring 2019 when we met for the first time in Einbeck with the scientists who initiated the project. David Pacheco Villalobos, Susana Martin Ortigosa and Christina Rode noticed repeatedly during their daily work in KWS’ laboratories that the photographs taken through a microscope resembled art. They wanted to share these fascinating image worlds with their colleagues from other KWS departments ...


Tuğba Şimşek: Drawing Lines

Her view attentive and as unbiased as possible, Tuğba Şimşek roams her surroundings and scans the stream of passing (urban) landscapes, passersby, architecture and lettering. With the same seriousness she registers, picks up and processes the conspicuous and the seemingly marginal, image and text fragments. ...

KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER: Exhibitions


NEWCOMER becomes a multiverse – Gruppe Stumpf shows the exhibition SCREENPLAY

The artists Jan Neukirchen and Christian Lohre have been working together as Gruppe Stumpf since 2014 in the field of tension between sculpture, installation, sound art and performance.



The barely perceived objects of our environment, the small everyday helpers - transferred into blue porcelain by the artist and not without wit – are the focus of her multimedia space-specific installation.


Of Harmony and Disrepair – Katharina Kühne

Katharina Kühne explores the structures of life, which she interprets painterly, installative and sculptural in her artistic work.


Christian Holze – Vernissage Meeting Room

Art regularly emerges from art, artists quote other artists, refer to their works. Christian Holze explores the connections and intersections of art, technology and business and asks questions about authorship, commercialization and copying in the visual arts.



How do subtle processes express themselves in images that pursue their own uncontrollable dynamics? In the search and creation of images based on photosensitive materials, graphic and performative processes, Johnny Linder deals with themes of the unpredictable imponderable and relative.


Roman Thomas

One of the greatest achievements of photography is its swiftness. Developed over the centuries and brought to the highest precision, the photographic snapshot is one of the basic elements of the medium today. If this term defines the swift deployment of the ever-present camera, then the prevailing act of creation has an inherent attitude of subliminal vehemence.



Creative workshop to take a breath. Simply painting in peace - the participants of the workshophad the opportunity to do this in two respects. The weekendat the Waldhaus in the Borntal above Einbeck offered them theopportunity to find time to paint away from their everyday lives.


Susanne Fleischhacker: Wall Drawings

Abstract concrete art in expansive works by artistSusanne Fleischhacker can currently be seen atthe KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER in Tiedexer Straße in Einbeck. The artist from Braunschweighas designed her “wall drawings,” the title of thenew exhibition, using adhesive strips. “Tape Art”is the name of this art form.


Philip Valenta:
bara gaman

Since conceptual artist Philipp Valenta received a Goethe-Institut residency grant for Iceland in 2018, he has been investigating the country's relationship between economy and ecology, analysing and questioning critical phenomena and processes, some of which point far beyond the borders of the state.


Art meets science at NEWCOMER

Fascinating worlds of images are given a new space. Three colleagues share the fascination for the aesthetics of the images taken during their daily work in scientific research.This fascination gave rise to the idea of bringing science and art together at KWS in a joint artistic and creative project. "Find art in your daily work!" was the call from these three colleagues ...


Alexander Iskin:
On time @ 4ever!

I am grateful for the opportunity to interrealize an exhibition in the Einbeck KWS Art Lounge.
That is not a given in today's circumstances. Quite the opposite. The cultural belt is being tightened. Art largely takes place only in the digital space. Although digitality with its many dimensions shapes interreality, I would like to point out how much I miss the times in full concert halls, theaters, operas, galleries and museums...


Julia Lormis:

Her photographs are snapshots whose subjectivity coincides with the greatest possible objectivity. The ordinary and the familiar are honored through controlled camera angles, selective depth of field or blurring, or rhythmic image combination, and at the same time raise questions about the relationship between reality and fiction. In this multi-layered narrative character between art and documentation, the individual image retains ...


Hannah Byford:
Private Rooms

Starting August 6, the English artist Hannah Byford will provide us with intimate insights and critically question our previous stereotypes of gender roles. Byford's claim to depict conditions as truthfully and accurately as possible exposes the currently predominant idealized representation of our environment and thus reveals the social impact of visual worlds.


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover:
alles bleibt anders

"The book enters into a dialogue with the viewer," says Professor Dorothee Weinlich in her introduction to the exhibition. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Faculty III, Focus on Experimental Design, will show by Germany's coasts influenced artist books of the edition "alles bleibt anders".


Andreas Greiner:
Signs of Life

... to the microorganisms or plants that share a biological system with humans. Most of all, he offers us a chance to think about our attitude toward “our environment”, using a certain poetry that mobilizes words, voices, pictures and living beings. ...

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