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    Oilseed Rape

Rapeseeds are one of the most important sources for vegetable oils all over the world

With the increasing growth of the world population there is an expected increase in the demand for native oils. Oilseed rape is one of the healthiest native oils for human consumption due to its low levels of erucic acid and high level of unsaturated fatty acids including a sufficient content of Omega-3 fatty acids. Rapeseed is a highly profitable crop when managed correctly and can provide many benefits in the crop rotation with cereals.

Rapeseed oil is used for industrial issues such as biofuel, biological lubricant or technical fatty acids. The rapeseed meal, the residue after extraction, is also a valuable source of animal feed due it its high concentration of protein making it an excellent alternative to soybean meal. Given these agronomical benefits rapeseed is grown in increasingly new countries and under different conditions.

KWS breeds winter and spring oilseed rape, focusing on the creation of hybrids. Hybrid oilseed rape is proven to have higher stability, better resistance to diseases and higher yielding in most growing conditions. KWS has two breeding hubs in the main rapeseed countries: The continental program in Germany and the maritime program in France. Both programs count on a wide network of testing sites across Europe to offer top performing varieties to the different regions and markets.

The first aim is to increase grain yield and oil content to support farmers with high gross outputs that increase their profitability. At the same time, resistance against diseases or lodging and a strong winter hardiness are necessary, to protect plants against environmental influences and ensuring a sustainable crop.

Detailed information about the country specific products and local consultants can be found on the separate country pages, which you find in the table below.

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