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Our worldwide currency is trust

KWS sows the future. This goal is our first priority. We live in the community together with our employees, and with farmers and trade partners. A respectful and reliable approach forms the foundation.

Our worldwide currency is trust. In everyday life, this means: We partner with farmers, seeing them as an equal entrepreneur while paying attention to their knowledge and experience. Our goal is to support them with our knowledge in the best possible way. We address their requirements and needs in an expert way and provide them with advice as equals. We maintain and nurture relationships with our customers. This applies equally to contact with our partners in the breeding sector and to our business and trade partners in agriculture.

Our company principles

1. We improve genetic potential through outstanding research and breeding programs.

2. We provide our farmers with the best quality seeds.

3. We act as a trusted partner to our farmers throughout their entire value chain.

4. We provide entrepreneurial freedom to enable each and everyone to display their full potential.

  • People at KWS

    KWS is and will continue to be an independent family-owned business.

    Executive Board of KWS


For us, togetherness arises from human closeness. And this is based on personal appreciation. Both to motivate and inspire. This is how we create our very own team spirit, which we also show to the outside world. The farmer’s ability and our generation-spanning connection is the foundation of our success. By involving farmers and exchanging information on a partnership level, we learn from each other and grow together. As understanding team players, we face the farmer in an honest manner and at eye level. We respect him and focus on his needs.


KWS is a company with a tradition of family ownership, and we operate in that spirit. Our decisions and actions are transparent, reliable and immediately comprehensible. Both internally and externally, we are pragmatic and authentic, fast and uncomplicated and we deliver the best seed. This is our contribution to the farmer‘s success. He expects transparency and reliability, against which he also measures our credibility. If we fail to meet this standard, we solve problems honestly, immediately and in an uncomplicated manner.


Only by acting wisely the world's food supply may be secured. That is why our employees develop innovative solutions for various cultivation conditions. High and secure yields for the farmer always remains the goal, and optimized plant breeding is the central means of achieving sustained growth. We are unbiased in our approach to future challenges in agriculture, whether climatic or regulatory, and we invest sustainably in research and breeding. By remaining responsible towards people and nature, together we shape the future of KWS for an agriculture of various cropping systems.


KWS is a company specialized in seeds. Managed independently for generations, it acts according to the same standards farmers do: Independently, free in choice and prudently. Our employees think and act with entrepreneurial conviction. Enthusiasm for agriculture is what drives them. We demand and promote their freedom and encourage them to act under their own responsibility.

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