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    Mission & Values

Our worldwide currency is trust

KWS sows the future. This goal is our first priority. We live in the community together with our employees, and with farmers and trade partners. A respectful and reliable approach forms the foundation.

Our worldwide currency is trust. In everyday life, this means: We partner with farmers, seeing them as an equal entrepreneur while paying attention to their knowledge and experience. Our goal is to support them with our knowledge in the best possible way. We address their requirements and needs in an expert way and provide them with advice as equals. We maintain and nurture relationships with our customers. This applies equally to contact with our partners in the breeding sector and to our business and trade partners in agriculture.

Our company principles

1. We increase and improve genetic potential through outstanding research and breeding programs.

2. We deliver the very best seed to our farmers.

3. They trust us as a powerful partner throughout the entire value-added chain.

4. We create entrepreneurial freedom and help talented employees unfold toward their full potential.

  • People at KWS

    KWS is and will continue to be an independent family-owned business.

    Executive Board of KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

Team spirit

Our solidarity motivates and inspires. We exhibit this team spirit outside of the company. We have easy and straightforward contacts and understand each other as members of a company that, through its seed business, contributes to the success of farmers. But the most relevant measure of success is the competence of farmers. As a team player, we approach farmers as equals, respect them and place our emphasis on their operational requirements.

Proximity and trust

KWS is run as a family-oriented company. We foster open communication and transparent and comprehensible decisions and actions. The following applies internally and externally: KWS is a personal and trustworthy partner that delivers the best seed. If we cannot fulfill this motto, we will solve problems in an honest, responsive and straightforward way.


KWS is a long-term and sustainability-driven company that has been operating for six generations and specializes in seed. Independence, freedom of choice and sustainable management connect KWS closely with agriculture. Our employees think and act as cooperative partners. We offer them entrepreneurial freedom and encourage them to act sustainably and responsibly.


All employees contribute to viable solutions for sustainable agriculture. For this purpose, they keep abreast of new scientific and technological advancements and evaluate trends and developments. We adopt future agricultural challenges early and actively, and heavily invest in research and breeding. As a result, we create the future of KWS together—characterized by responsibility to humankind and nature.

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