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    KWS Fit4NEXT

KWS Fit4NEXT - Catch Crop mixtures for vitality.

KWS Fit4NEXT is the KWS programme for catch crop mixtures. For decades, KWS has been breeding, producing and marketing the world's most important arable crops, including catch crops. Our aim is to give you the opportunity to supplement your crop rotation with the right catch crop mix using KWS' site-adapted, high-performance varieties. With the right mix, you can make your crop rotation even more sustainable and successfully meet the challenges of arable farming as well as political and social requirements.

Many years of experience with catch crops have gone into the selection of components to integrate the right plant and crop species in the mixtures for the various crop rotations. The intensive trial system has allowed the optimal mixes to be developed over several years and recommendations for cultivation to be defined. The mixtures and mixture partners were compiled and tested on the basis of their characteristics, such as juvenility, flowering time, biomass growth, freezing behaviour and root systems.

Your advantages:

Find the right Catch Crop Mixture for your country

Click on one of the highlighted countries and get redirected to it´s website. In each country we sell different mixtures that are adapted to the specific climatic conditions and market requirements.

KWS Fit4NEXT mixtures

Fit4NEXT - On a mission to mix!

10 ha of catch crops compensate the annual greenhouse gas emissions of a German citizen.

Markus Molthan, Portfolio Manager Catch Crops

Why catch crops belong in every crop rotation:


Catch crop mixtures are true root artists: with their combination of taproots and tufted roots, these little helpers loosen the soil and promote soil life at the same time.


More is more: catch crops are masters in biomass growth. So it's no wonder that areas cultivated with catch crops are the winners in terms of humus. And they prevent erosion at the same time.


Agriculture as a climate protector: with catch crop mixtures, you actively bind carbon in the soil. That is the essence of sustainability.

Our sustainable and economically interesting solution for your fields:

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Markus Molthan
Markus Molthan
Portfolio Manager Catch Crops
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