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KWS Oilseed Rape Seeds & Solutions
Make one step ahead. Or a giant leap.

Climate change, increasing regulations and a complex market environment – as a farmer, you face major challenges. At KWS, we have taken a closer look at main subjects of your work as an oilseed rape grower and evaluated how we can best support you in the future: Supplying you with high quality seeds and additional solutions that help you to get the most out of every oilseed rape field.

Benefits for your oilseed rape cultivation


With the solutions of #OneStepAhead, you can prevent particular field damage and simplify your cultivation year by working with foresight. This limits your workload and allows you to concentrate more on other tasks.

Extra Boost

With a strong variety, you lay the foundation for a successful harvest. Your success can be further improved when utilising the additional KWS service packages in the form of solutions that enable you to get more out of your fields.

All in one

You find everything you need to be #OneStepAhead at KWS: High quality seeds, agronomic expertise, digital tools and seed treatment as well as personal advice.

Yield is still at the centre of our oilseed rape breeding. However, we have recognized that the requirements of seed go beyond yield and we are rising to this challenge in close collaboration with farmers.
Dr. Andreas Gertz, KWS Oilseed Rape Breeder

Time to face the challenges.
With KWS Oilseed Rape Seeds & Solutions.

Whether you are in need for harvest expertise for greater yields, or looking for advice on plant health or insect management - with our modular seeds & solutions approach KWS helps you get one step ahead with a selection of solutions. Each solution is based on the best seeding varieties and customized to your personal needs and requirements.


The genetics in our seeds are the foundation of successful oilseed rape cultivation. In order to provide high-performance varieties for maximum yields and sustainable crop rotations to meet your needs, a high level of knowledge, foresight and work is required.

Oilseed Rape at KWS

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Yield, yield, yield

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Number of varieties

KWS oilseed rape varieties are available in total (2023)


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Investment in breeding

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Your challenges. Our solutions. Over the course of an oilseed rape cultivation year, there are many different stages of development, challenges and adaptation options that affect your final harvest results. Choosing the right variety is the first step. Beyond that, choosing the right combination of services, tools and support takes your harvest to the next level and your oilseed rape farming #OneStepAhead.

Your oilseed rape topics in focus:

Let's look for solutions together and find out how we can best support you and ensure your success.

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