From mass to measuring

New myKWS application “Fit4NEXT Field-Check” makes the performance of catch crops visible.

From sowing to harvest: the myKWS online platform guides farmers through the season with more than 30 tools and services. Area-specific technical information, digital field management and sophisticated smart farming technologies help farmers to optimize their crop rotation and make agronomic decisions based on objective data.

This is also made possible by the new myKWS application ‘Fit4NEXT Field-Check’: "With our biomass tool, we are providing farmers with concrete figures for the parameters nitrogen and carbon as well as for humus formation and CO2 fixation for the first time. The ‘Fit4NEXT Field-Check’ makes the performance and potential of catch crops visible and measurable," explains Portfolio Manager Markus Molthan.

We have been cultivating catch crops on our farm for more than 20 years. The challenges in agriculture, such as climate change or the elimination of herbicides, are making catch crop cultivation increasingly important.
Carl Eggers, Farmer

The “Fit4NEXT Field-Check" is calibrated for the five most important KWS catch crop mixtures and can be used universally for different crop rotations. The launch of the “Fit4NEXT Field Check” is planned for this year in Germany. Expansion to other markets is planned for the future.

Catch crops promote soil fertility and biodiversity and thus make an important contribution to more sustainable agriculture: Small crops, big impact – KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

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