The best seeds help farmers succeed in the land of the gauchos

Nothing shapes life in Argentina as much as tango, soccer and beef. Luís Parra is a farmer and cattle breeder – not to mention a fan of River Plate, the arch-rivals of Boca Juniors. Alfonso Callegari is commercial director at KWS and a Boca Juniors fan. Even though they will never agree on soccer, Callegari and Parra are pulling together as business partners. Callegari is willing to go a long way for this to happen.

If you want to go to Luís Parra's ranch, make sure you aren’t in a hurry: From the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, it’s about 600 miles inland. In the Rio Negro region Luís Parra grows corn, alfalfa and barley and is breeding third-generation cattle. Parra produces his own animal feed out of conviction – after all, his cattle should get only the best.

Personal advice on sowing, cultivation and harvesting

To ensure the quality is always as it should be, Parra obtains his seeds from KWS. In the region that serves as the gateway to Patagonia, high-quality seed is of the utmost importance because the landscape knows drought too well.

Alfonso Callegari is a KWS employee and has worked with Parra for many years. Callegari not only sells Parra the seeds, but also advises him on sowing, cultivation and harvesting. Once this has been successfully taken care of, the friends like to devote themselves to their other two passions: Argentinian barbecue, which is called “asado” in the South American country, and of course soccer. As fans of two arch-rivals – River Plate and Boca Juniors – the two men will have plenty to talk about for a long time to come.

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