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KWS develops organic varieties that will complement the established conventional portfolio in the future.

As part of the European Green Deal, the area of organic farming is to be increased to 25 percent of agricultural land across Europe by 2030. While there is still a debate at the political level about whether and how this can be achieved, Moritz Bleckwenn has already taken action: The farmer from the Hildesheim Börde converted his farm to organic farming three years ago. From his experience, he reports on the challenges and opportunities involved in converting to organic farming and how choosing the right varieties can influence yields and thus economic success.

Jenny Matthiesen, who is responsible for the development of organic varieties at KWS, knows which variety traits are important in organic farming. And why organic traits such as juvenile development and certain resistances, which are specifically selected in younger generations in conventional breeding programs, are also becoming increasingly important for conventional agriculture.

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