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    Feeding grain sorghum

Why feeding grain sorghum?

Grain sorghum as feeding component can be used for a wide range of animals. For example in pig, cattle or poultry production. Advantages are not only reduced costs and more profitable production but also a health benefit for the animals. Grain sorghum has a good chemical composition with a high protein and starch content.

Advantages grain sorghum for pig fattening


High feed acceptance


High level of nutrients


High energy levels


High average daily gain

Did you know?

Grain sorghum - A good alternative to corn

Grain sorghum is a good replacement for corn and can take up to 50% of the feeding ration. In direct comparison the two cultures differ not far from each other. Grain sorghum even surpasses corn in the content of different substances like dry matter, neutral detergent fibre (NDF) or digestible phosphorous.

  Sorghum Corn
Dry Matter (%) 89,4 88,3
Digestible Energy (kcal/kg) 3.380 3.525
Crude Protein (%) 9,4 8,2
Crude Fat (%) 3,4 3,5
Crude Fiber (%) 2,1 2,0
Digestible Phosphorus (%) 0,108 0,088
NDF (%) 10,6 9,11
ADF (%) 4,9 2,9
Linoleic Acid (%) 47,3 55,8
Saturated fatty Acids (%) 19,1 17,9

Source: Goodband, 2012

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