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Here you can find all digital exhibitions of our art at KWS. Feel free to browse through some of our past exhibitions and discover exciting works, interactive videos and additional material by our artists and curators.

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Alexander Iskin:
On time @ 4ever!

I am grateful for the opportunity to interrealize an exhibition in the Einbeck KWS Art Lounge.
That is not a given in today's circumstances. Quite the opposite. The cultural belt is being tightened. Art largely takes place only in the digital space. Although digitality with its many dimensions shapes interreality, I would like to point out how much I miss the times in full concert halls, theaters, operas, galleries and museums...


Julia Lormis:

Her photographs are snapshots whose subjectivity coincides with the greatest possible objectivity. The ordinary and the familiar are honored through controlled camera angles, selective depth of field or blurring, or rhythmic image combination, and at the same time raise questions about the relationship between reality and fiction. In this multi-layered narrative character between art and documentation, the individual image retains ...


Hannah Byford:
Private Rooms

Starting August 6, the English artist Hannah Byford will provide us with intimate insights and critically question our previous stereotypes of gender roles. Byford's claim to depict conditions as truthfully and accurately as possible exposes the currently predominant idealized representation of our environment and thus reveals the social impact of visual worlds.


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover:
alles bleibt anders

"The book enters into a dialogue with the viewer," says Professor Dorothee Weinlich in her introduction to the exhibition. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Faculty III, Focus on Experimental Design, will show by Germany's coasts influenced artist books of the edition "alles bleibt anders".


Andreas Greiner:
Signs of Life

... to the microorganisms or plants that share a biological system with humans. Most of all, he offers us a chance to think about our attitude toward “our environment”, using a certain poetry that mobilizes words, voices, pictures and living beings. ...

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